Item: SL-BAN-14
Material: Titanium
- Knife:184x16mm;16.4g
- Fork:163x22mm;11.1g
Intotal Weight: 31.4g

+ Superior Material: Made of Pure Titanium, without any harmful chemicals and heavy metal precipitation, conforming to the standards made by European Union and The United States;
+ Characteristics of pure titanium 1: Light as aluminum, harder than steel, healthy and eco-friendly, resistance to acid and alkali, never rust;
+ Characteristics of pure titanium 2: Titanium is the metal which is harmless to the human body. It adapts to the harsh conditions, even outer space; It is also the medical material that can be safely implanted into the human body;
+ High temperature resistance: Resistant to temperature(-253 ~1668)Centigrade,can be applied to dishwashers and ultra-high temperature disinfection;
+ Bacteria resistance and bacteriostasis: any food can be placed for a long time and not easy to cause spoilage; no metal odor, single layer structure products can be directly open fire;
+ Perfect for Camping, Hiking & Everyday Use: Lightweight and portable which makes it perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, fishing, backpacking or to keep in your car just-in-case.

Due to these dinnerware being made up of titanium these will last for years. So you're protected by our 90-DAYS, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service.